Marchtrenk für die Ukraine

Herz für die Ukraine

Information for Ukrainian citizen 

Here you can find informations for Ukrainians: 

For a further stay or to get a permission for work and a health insurance you need a special permission for Ukrainian refugees. This permission is called “Vertriebenenausweis”.

All of you have to get to one registration-office (adults and children as well). The next one is at the Dragonerstraße 29, 4600 Wels.

Monday and friday from 08:00 am to  01:00 pm

GUIDIANCE Registration of refugees 

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Siren Signals in Austria

  • To alert the firebrigades in Austria a siren lasting 3x15 second is to be heard.
  • This serves the purpose to alert the fire brigades in emergencies and to fires . It can occur any day- or nighttime.
  • Every Saturday, 12 o’clock, a test alarm takes place for 15 seconds.

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Parent Child Center

If you have babies or small kids (0-3 years), you are welcome to visit the „IGLU Marchtrenk“ (Parent-Child-Center). They offer services for mothers and their children such as playdates.

Adress: Linzer Straße 21, Phone: +437243/51143

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